2x Improved crypto investment strategy – Athena V2

Crypto market conditions have been taking us through testing times in the recent months, some strong show of growth were followed up by sudden retracing to previous levels in a lot of tokens. Which rendered Athena unable to book profits due to sudden retractions.

Thus we use systematic investment strategies in a fully automated manner to handle the volatility of the crypto investment market for us

This we detected had been a historical patterns in the backtesting too. Current market conditions just highlighted it for us, and it was something to be taken care of.
The team worked to keep the ethos of the strategy “Protect capital and look for opportunities” intact and figure out how we could solve this problem.
We’re proud to present you v2 of Athena, which solves for such instances.

Highlights of the new crypto investment strategy – 

  • V2 has on average 2x returns than V1 (Net profit)
  • V2 outperforms Buy and hold by 3x on average
  • The amount of money V2 makes for every $1 it lost is $4, V1 made $2 for every $1 it madeV2 does 15% less trades than V

This has already been applied to our active accounts.

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