How to connect DYDX to Sypto

For connecting your DYDX account with Sypto, following steps can guide you through:

  1. Connect your decentralised wallet with DYDX exchange.
  2. Transfer the chosen amount (preferably in USDC) to DYDX.
  3. Locate & Share your API & Stark key pairs with us.

Locate your API & Stark Key pairs

1. On your DYDX account right click and select [Inspect].

2. Go through the top menu bar of the newly opened window & select [Application] from the available extended options (>>)

3. In the drop down menu go to ‘Local Storage’ & click on the first hyperlink

4. Look through the info available under the column ‘Key’. Locate the [API_KEY_PAIRS] & [STARK_KEY_PAIRS]. Copy the Values for the respective keys and Share it with us in the following format:

Values required (4) from the API Key pairs:
-Wallet address:

Values required (3) from the Stark Key Pairs:
-Public Key:
-Public Key Y Coordinate:
-Private Key:

We shall use the information shared by you to connect Sypto to your DYDX account.


You can also watch this video to see how you could Locate your API & Stark key pairs in DYDX.

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