How To Connect Your FTX Wallet To Sypto

To connect your FTX wallet to sypto, first click here to open an account on FTX.

Considering you already have an account on FTX, you would first require to create a set of API & Secret Key through a simple process taking just a few clicks.

Creating an API & Secret key on FTX

1. After logging into your FTX account, click [API] from the User’s Profile icon.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page & click on [Create API Key]

3. Complete the security verification with your registered mobile device.

4. Your API & Secret key is now created. Please copy them individually & paste it somewhere safe for your record. You can also keep a screenshot for reference. Please do not click anywhere else or refresh the page until you have saved the information securely as it will not be shown again. Do not share these keys with anyone. If you forget your Secret Key, you will need to delete the API completely and create a new one.

5. Click on the [Edit] sign mentioned under permissions & Trading.

6. Enter the following IP Addresses one-by-one and click on [Whitelist IP]. Close the pop-up window once the IPs get reflected in the open area within the box.

Connect Sypto to your FTX Account

Once you have your API & Secret keys ready, you need to visit our page to complete the connection process.

1. Visit & go to your preferred strategy.

2. Click on [Invest Now].

3. After Signing-in with google, Select your exchange [FTX] & confirm.

4. Enter the API & Secret keys of FTX & click [Test Connection] .

5. Once the Keys are verified successfully, click [Connect Exchange].

Note: After successfully connecting the exchange, it will fetch the wallet balance & let you subscribe to the strategy.

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