How is crypto different from Stock market?

Stock market is now an established asset class for investments. However, the same cannot be said for the Crypto market. It’s not about the volume or magnitude but about the Mindset and awareness.

One stark difference between the StockMarket and the Crypto market is that; Out of all, only a handful of investors invest in crypto because they truly believe in its wealth-creating potential. Otherwise, a vast majority just choose to experiment with their burn money. 

This leaves a select few who turn this into a genuine source of livelihood. Crypto perhaps appears (which it obviously isn’t) to be an amplified version of a stock market where every aspect such as Volatility, Risk, Speculation, Profitability & Losses seems to get magnified.

To make things complicated, it operates 24/7/365, making it even more confusing. The recent tax provisions can only be termed as a further setback.

Among all such uncertainties, the only stand-out feature that kind of allows investors to hook on to the Potential to earn significantly high Profits! It remains the only driving force for the masses to get attracted to Crypto investments.

With the advent of tech-assisted investing, things are going to change big time. With powerful data analytics, investors can predict and forecast significant events in the Crypto market and make well-informed investment decisions. 

Highly efficient and fully automated algorithmic trading/ crypto bot platforms like Sypto can decisively cut off manual intervention and still give super high returns with complete peace of mind. With all such developments, we will almost certainly witness a radical shift in the way investors approach the Crypto market which is also the reason why many experts foresee a 4X Growth in this market by the end of 2030.

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