6 reasons to let sypto handle your crypto trading

Even if you’ve made a firm decision of investing or trading in crypto, it’s easy to get stuck with ‘analysis paralysis’. There are simply too many options.

Some say it’s best to just buy and hold. Others brag about making 10x gains with leveraged short-term trading. Some geek out on staking and yield farming with 1,000% APYs (hint: those aren’t sustainable).

Reviewing all the various options available would take a whole book. Instead here are five reasons to put your crypto trading on autopilot with Sypto.

Easy setup

Just connect your exchange via API and Sypto starts trading. There are no complicated settings so you don’t need any advanced knowledge of how all of this works.

Secure storage

your crypto remains on Binance(i.e in your own wallet), the world’s largest crypto exchange. They hold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of crypto. So rest assured their cybersecurity is top-notch.

Highly profitable

 Sypto made +400% in its first 24 months. Of course, it depends on the crypto market but it beats passive holding, model portfolios and capital-weighted portfolios.


At just a 10% of the profits. It’s cheaper than most crypto bots out there. And only pay when you make profits, that also, realised profits. And it’s certainly cheaper than losing money by trading yourself or wasting thousands of dollars on random crypto trading courses.

Freedom to withdraw at any time 

there are no lock-ups, take your profits whenever you want. Just withdraw money from your Binance account as you’d do normally.

Complete Transparency

All our trades happen in your own account, all the stop-loss orders or the buy orders are updated in your own account giving you complete transparency of all our actions

Crypto Super bot – ATHENA by Sypto

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