Trust the Consistency of a system, & Watch Your Portfolio Grow!

Investors might feel tired from trying to keep up with the constantly volatile cryptocurrency market to find good investment opportunities. It’s okay if you feel the same way!

But how can you handle this situation?

Let me share a story with you. In 1981, Forbes published a list of Top-ranked investors for the previous decade. The list was topped by a 72-year-old man named Edgerton Welch. It was surprising because no one had ever heard of him. 

Forbes decided to pay him a visit. They were taken aback when Welch said he had no formal investment education and he has never even heard of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing!

When asked how he achieved his success, Welch pulled out a copy of ValueLine, a publication that ranks stocks by how cheap they are, and revealed that he simply bought the ones ranked “1” (the cheapest) that even Merrill Lynch or E.F. Hutton also liked. And when any of those three changed their opinion, he sold. 

Forbes realized that Welch’s secret wasn’t a fancy system or complicated formula, but rather his consistency in sticking to his approach.

Now You may be wondering, “That’s great for stocks, but how to do this with cryptocurrency?” 

This is where comes into the picture. It’s fully automated algorithms designed to manage your cryptocurrency investments. 

Just like Welch relied on ValueLine publication to identify the best value proposition, uses algorithms to pinpoint the most promising trend (in other words, the best value proposition) in a given cryptocurrency. And just like Welch’s consistency in selling while any of the three opinions changed, exits if there is a change in trend.

A perfect way to glide through the ever-changing and volatile landscape of cryptocurrency investments is to bring consistency through a system.

So, If you’re ready to eliminate the guesswork in cryptocurrency investing and achieve consistent returns, sign up for today.

Trust the Consistency of a system, and Watch Your Portfolio Grow!

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