Weekly Update – 12-Aug-2022

What were your highlights for this week?

Superb progress on product and customer acquisition front.
Cracked our first exchange partnership this week.

Fundraising Updates

Antler out of the picture
Alchemy group still interested.
Expecting to get around 4-5 introductions this week.

Product Updates

Completed Alpaca(US based crypto exchange) Integration. Demo given to their team and we would be featured on their dashboard by next week.

Started Zeus(Long short strategy for portfolio management) on internal accounts for testing on FTX exchange.

Added Support For FTX US.
Dashboard (Portfolio reporting page ) Fixes.

Traction Updates

Onboarded 3 users from the US on ftx.us exchange
We would be featured on Alpaca dashboard next week.
3 More accounts from India on Binance Exchange.
A lot of existing users kept adding top-ups to their portfolio

2 profitable positions across portfolio – ETH and ADA