Weekly Update – 15-July-2022

What were your highlights for this week?

FTX | Kraken | KUCoin – Each of them are in testing phase and most likely to be live in the next week.
Started developing ZEUS Strategy, which is a long-short strategy on KUcoin and Binance. Estimating a month to complete with all the caveats

Fundraising Updates

Reached out to some VC’s to raise funds for the expansion to Dubai.
Till now got response from Kalaari Capital. Let’s see how it goes.
Rest no response yet.

Product Updates

Alpaca team requested to not use API key and secret for integration and to go with Oauth flow, then they would help with customer acquisition. Thus implementing that.
Might take little more than a week, depending on the bandwidth left after the bugs identified while 3 exchanges are in testing phase

Mentoring Updates

Ajeet Khurana with his firm – Reflexical, might get onboarded as an advisor which was an unexpected but a welcome turn. Still in Talks

Pivot Update

We have stopped onboarding Indian users. Most of them want to start with $100-200 which is not a feasible amount for us. Processing whether to take these or not.
Planning how to get users from UAE and other crypto friendly countries

Questions Update

I am not sure, how to acquire customers in UAE while sitting in India. I want to move there, but there are some things pending here which need to be resolved. Then will move