Weekly Update – 19-Aug-2022

What were your highlights for this week?

Sypto supports Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, FTX/FTX.us and Alpaca.
These are all centralised exchanges which require KYC and go against the ethos of decentralisation for the crypto natives.

Yesterday we were successfully able to run a basic programmatic order placement on a DEX👯‍♂️
Now very soon we would be able to run our strategies on a DEX, thus making us belong in the web3 space as a dapp. not just a web2.5 crypto service.

I am still thinking about the implications on what this does to our plans for fundraising, growth and execution in the coming months.

Made good progress with DEX integration with Sypto strategy – Athena
ZEUS strategy(long-short) is now live on internal test accounts on ftx
possible collab with dydx DEX in exploration
Dubai Company setup process started

Product Updates

A new update is pushed to athena strategy which increases it’s performance by 2x and reduces risk by 40%

Mentoring Updates

Annkur Agarwal gave his valuable time and suggested a few things we could do to double down on word of mouth.

Traction Updates

We onboarded 3 new clients this week.
Getting featured in Alpaca, is in progress