Weekly Update 22-July-2022

What were your highlights for this week?

FTX Exchange is fully functional and live. We onboarded 3 clients on FTX.

Product Updates

Kraken and KUCoin are still facing some issues, thus we’re still testing them.
The website is now live with the flow where user can signup, submit api keys and his account is live.
Along with the same, we give basic analytics of profit/loss trade history in a dashboard of sypto.xyz

Mentoring Updates

Annkur Agarwal, Gave his value-able 1hr to help us refine the pitch deck and had some inputs around how we should approach moving to UAE.

Traction Updates

A couple High profile investors reached out as they wanted ot try out sypto. They have some concerns around the legality. Need to see how this plays out.
In the automation setup, People responded with interested and not interested. The team will try to onboard the interested ones this week.

Pivot Update

In the last week, we had stopped Indian efforts. This week, we setup an automation suite for email and Linkedin to reach out to people in Gulf.

Questions Update

How do we acquire more customers? The people we’ve onboarded, absolutely love this. But it’s difficult to get that trust