Weekly Update – 27-July-2022

What were your highlights for this week?

Zeus (Long/short) strategy development work started

Fundraising Updates

Antler came into the play. 1 initial meeting done. They’re interested. Will mostly have a call next week.
Later figured that I had a connect to Nithin, who lead’s Antler India. Now approaching him for fast-tracking the process.

Karan Gupta from Alchemy group showed interest, have a meeting with him next week.

Product Updates

Razorpay shut us down. All this weeks work of making a seamless payment integration fell apart.
Zeus work started on Binance Test-Net and FTX futures, this might take long, but once this is live. We would truly have an amazing strategy. The backtesting of zeus strategy has yielded some crazy results

Traction Updates

Onboarded 2 clients worth $500 each

Questions Update

No actual solution yet, to speeding up the prospecting and lead generation process of Dubai. Can someone help here?