Zeus, New crypto strategy | Long/Short

What is Zeus?

Zeus is the second offering from Sypto.xyz (First was Athena, a long-only strategy, running on top 5 and 10 coins).
It is an automated long-short portfolio management strategy for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Zeus will create a diversified, yet flexible crypto portfolio with no human intervention, not ours and definitely not yours. All you need to do is submit your API keys with only TRADING PERMISSIONS

Carefully crafted after analysing 4 million combinations of strategies across coins and considering the extreme volatility & momentum that crypto markets are known to offer, we developed Zeus! It is an ideal strategy capable of capitalising from both the bull and the bear market.

While a Long only strategy like Athena, typically aims to capture the large upward moves by buying at a price X and selling at a higher price than X.

Zeus also utilises short, which is a mechanism where we sell first at X and buy later at a lower price in a bid to book profits. (Simplified explanation, there are some intricacies to the actual execution)

Simply put, ZEUS is an aggressive strategy that aims to benefit from both, upward as well as downward price movements, built specifically for people who are comfortable with shorts and also want to profit from downturns in the market.

Why the name “Zeus”?

Zeus was the King of the Gods of Olympus, often said to be the creator of turbulent times and often thriving in them.

Given its nature, the strategy that we’ve developed is capable of giving phenomenal returns with a higher associated risk. Of course, a calibrated one!

Zeus thrives in both bull and bear markets, in greed and in fear, and in overbought and oversold zones.

Thus resembling the king of Gods.

It is destined to do justice to the very nature of this fascinating asset class called Cryptocurrency! 

If you are an investor in crypto, this is something you should not miss!

Stay tuned for more information regarding its much-awaited launch. 

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Disclaimer: Crypto investments are risky