August Update – Athena Investment Strategy

August was an eventful month, both for Sypto subscribers as well as the community worldwide. The gloomy trend from early 2022 continued in August too that witnessed further drawdown (7% of mkt cap) lead by BTC (-15%).

Although we entered August with open positions in majority of coins but unfortunately couldn’t capitalise for the lack of prolonged momentum. It remained the same for trades throughout August which ended with marginal losses of about 2.9% across all accounts.

While Sypto holds true to its promise of “Protecting Capital” first, our team made some extraordinary breakthroughs in 2 key areas:

  • Performance: Our flagship strategy ‘Athena’ got further boost with version 2.0 (2X better returns).
  • Compatibility: Sypto now also supports FTX,, Alpaca, Kraken & Bitbns.

August will also be remembered for successfully executing orders on a DEX platform which would help make us true crypto native in the web3 space as a DAPP.

Happy investing!

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