Sypto now available on Alpaca🦙

Sypto has covered yet another milestone. We are glad to add ‘Alpaca’ to our list of compatible crypto exchanges. As a platform, Alpaca allows trades in over 50 Cryptocurrency pairs with its speed & performance driven APIs besides allowing trading in US equities & ETFs as well. This makes it an attractive option for investors interested in investing into multiple asset class.

Mostly, you would know that Sypto, which provides managed portfolios for crypto investments, allows its users to get their funds managed while keeping it in their own custody (exchange wallet), And therefore, it becomes imperative for Sypto to be compatible with major trustworthy exchange platforms. With Alpaca, Sypto is now compatible with a total of 5 major world exchanges ( Binance, WazirX , FTX, FTX.US, being the other 4 ).

This means that, Alpaca users can now subscribe Sypto to avail the following benefits:
– Get managed portfolios automatically (zero monitoring)
– Keep the funds in their own account (100% control)
– Keep track of all trades (100% transparency)
– Historical CAGR of 100%+
– Choose a Superfolio to invest in Athena Top 5 or Athena Top 10
– No upfront fees or management charges
– Pay small portion of profit as commission with ‘No win — No fee’ promise
– Withdraw anytime, top-up anytime (100% Freedom)

What makes Sypto trustworthy & Profitable, is its ability to manage a portfolio strategically (making it a Superfolio). 

Its strategy ‘Athena’ is fully capable in identifying key trends and acts on each individual coin within the portfolio independently. This protects the capital from possible major drawdowns, of otherwise traditional model portfolio allocation methodology involving mandatory investment among the constituent coins.

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