Automated investments now on DYDX – Decentralised Exchange!

Even after supporting 5+ global exchanges like Binance, Ftx, Kraken, KUCoin, Alpaca. There was a constant ask from our users which was – When would service be available on a DEX?

Are you even a web3 startup if you do not operate on a DEX? was the million dollar question for us. (No pun intended, we are raising funds)

With decentralisation at the heart of the movement, we were on the hunt to identify a decentralised exchange that we could integrate with and which supports our strategy in a way that it operates.

We had all kinds of crazy ideas on how to make this possible, but it was still something far distant for us. The popular kinds of exchanges – Uniswap, Cowswap etc didn’t even support the order types that we need for’s strategies to operate.

In comes the saviour – DYDX, which is a decentralised exchange, with almost everything that we needed to make our thing happen. We got started on it ASAP. And within a month, we got our Athena strategy live on DYDX.

What does this mean for you?

Well, quite a lot of things –

  1. We can now manage your portfolio on DYDX, which can be connected through any wallet that supports ERC20. (NO KYC🤫)
  2. All the orders placed would be programmatic
  3. The Funds never leave your account. You are always in control
  4. Algorithmic strategies with strong backtested & proven record during the recent bear markets, now available to you for as low as 500USDC.
  5. Our strategies are built in a manner to make the least number of trades for the maximum reward, verify it yourself here, so you would always pay the least brokerage.

Sounds too good to be true, right? here is the catch

We’re onboarding only 30 users for the initial stage😕


Because we would need one of the two – an ERC20 wallet private key or a DYDX connected stark key to make this happen. Implications I am sure you understand, thus we need you to trust us. We will help you establish the trust with everything that you need and promise to never break it.
We’re actively working with the DYDX team to find a solution around this, but till then we are bound by the limitations of technology and resources on our end.

Interested to get going?

Can you help us with the Key management?

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