Crypto bot “Athena”. Solid 2 years performance

Sypto past performance
Sypto past performance

We have backtested our strategies also called as crypto bots since the inception of coins. To make sure that we deliver you the best of the best. So here is sypto past performance of last 2 years laid out for you

It is imperative that we test everything on a virtual environment. Then on my personal wallet before making it available for you. I was really excited to share the result of backtesting with all of you, to get you all pumped up for what’s coming.

If, You would have invested with us $500, in a 5 coin portfolio in July 2020. Which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano & Ripple. Here is what it would have been on 20th Feb 2022

CryptoStart DateEnd DateStart AmountFinal AmountTotal DaysDays InReturns(%)CAGR
This is a 400% return in 2 years timeline!!

Crypto Super bot – ATHENA by Sypto

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